Saturday, June 04, 2005


Hello all,

The morning started out almost perfect. Cool, still, not overly humid. But very soon lightning split the sky, thunder rolled, and the sky opened up. Buckets of rain. But even that couldn't dampen the spirits of those gathered for morning worship. We started out with a somewhat modified hymn fest that was joyful and robust. Singing with thousands of others can fill the soul in a way that bad weather can't extinguish.

After worship, the document we've all already read, was officially presented by Jim Slaughter, Secretary of the Council of Twelve. The assembly was dismissed and most persons went to their respective quorum or caucus to discuss and vote on the document. In my Seventy Quorum there were many words of acceptance, anticipation, and approval. The vote was unanimous in support of Steve Veazey being set apart as the new President of the Community of Christ.

After lunch we gathered in session again. Steve shared a few words and then was escorted out of the chamber while we listened to the report of each quorum, caucus, and mass meeting. Each one was a glowing endorsement for acceptance of the document and Steve as President. After all the reports were entered into the record the floor was opened to discussion and debate. Only one person spoke; I think most felt they had been heard in their respective meetings. The vote was called and there was overwhelming support to the acceptance of the document. This reporter saw only a few dissenting votes. I think there is always a few who would have another vision in mind. Several standing ovations followed and Steve was ushered back into the chamber as we sang, "We Thank The, O God, For a Prophet." It's a long standing tradition.

After Supper we gathered, very early to get a good seat, for the ordination service. It was a rich service of reading, song and prayer. There were several who actually shared in the Ordination Prayer, each representing some part of the worldwide church.

Steve shared a wonderful acceptance and charge to the church. Apparently another tradition was that several awesome art treasures representing the major areas of the church, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Islands of the Sea, Europe, North America, and South and Central America and the Caribbean. These will become a permanent part of the worshipers path in the Temple.

You can view some of these art treasures (and other conference pictures) at ImageEvent.com/JimDoty.

Tomorrow we will consider and vote on changes to the Leadership Council of the Church including changes to the Apostolic Quorum and the Bishopric. Tomorrow I will detail those changes.

It was an historic and powerful day; a blessing to be a part of and this reporter was especially grateful to be there. May God keep us to fulfill the mission we started over 170 years ago, and through many, many changes in leadership. As Grant McMurray shared in 2004 from Section 161 of the Doctrine and Covenants, "The path will not always be easy, the choices will not always be clear, but the cause is sure, and the Spirit will bear witness to the truth....." God Bless until next time.

Seventy Bob

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